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Portrait of Ange Chierchia, Web developer

Ange Chierchia

Full stack Web developer


  1. Front-end

    HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Compass, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS (some knowledge), ReactJS (some knowledge) Smarty, Jekyll, NPM/Grunt/Gulp

  2. Back-end

    PHP7+, CodeIgniter (some knowledge), Symfony, MySQL, Git, Python

  3. Softwares

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text, Atom, MailChimp

Work experience

  1. Front-end developer

    dec. 2018Actual position
    Concept Factory, Luxembourg

    Integration of newsletters, front-end development, Design and integration of animated Web banners with JavaScript for various clients.

    Some projects I've worked on:

  2. Web developer

    jan. 2015nov. 2018
    Ibakus Europe SA, Strassen

    Development of Web applications with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript for Finance and Law professionals.

    Design of the presentation website with Sass, JavaScript and PHP.

    Development of an API used to get companies informations available from Luxembourgish, Belgian and French Trade Registers. The API is fed by several Web scrapers written in Python and PHP.

  3. Webdesigner and developer

    jun. 2010dec. 2014
    CBC Informatique, Bascharage

    In charge of User Interface design, front and back-end development for a Real-time vehicle tracking Web application. Open Street Map and Leaflet were used to display the journeys made by the user’s fleet of vehicles, day by day. Several geocoding and reverse geocoding web services were used to retrieve the name of the each location where vehicules stopped.

    Development of an Intranet platform used by 500+ users with different access rights, document sharing, forums and email and Web notifications.

    Writing of a small modular CMS to answer the specific needs of the customers.

    Designed and sent email newsletters in partnership with HP, Lenovo and Microsoft in accordance with Guidelines of each partner.

  4. Trainee Web developer

    jun. 2009sep. 2009
    CBC Informatique, Bascharage

    Redesign of an online store to validate a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I was in charge of studying the actual website, drafting the specifications for the new one, defining and design the new UI and UX. I also develop a custom CMS and set up PayPal for online payments.

  5. Trainee Web developer

    dec. 2008apr. 2009
    Unpointzéro, Metz

    Collaborate on the development of a digital artworks repository website, as part of Bachelor’s degree. Drafting the project specifications, tasks distribution, design of the user registration process with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP.

  6. Trainee Web developer

    jan. 2008feb. 2008
    IPcube, Montigny-lès-Metz

    Develop a wedding lists management website in order to validate a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computer Science. Manage different user access levels : wedding list creators and friends of creators. UI and UX design.


  1. Professional Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

    sep. 2008sep. 2009
    Licence pro. SIL Web et Commerce Électronique

    User Interface design and User Experience design, e-commerce, xHTML, CSS, JavaScript.

  2. BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computer Science

    sep. 2006jun. 2008
    BTS Informatique de Gestion : développeur d'applications

    Algorithmic, Merise and UML methodologies, Object-oriented programming in PHP and C#, SQL Server and MySQL database management system.


  1. feb. 2012

    2-pages Interview and publication of a tutorial on designing the layout of an asian restaurant themed website in Webdesign Magazine Hors Série #13.

  2. jul. 2010apr. 2011

    Collaboration work with Francis Chouquet and Matthieu Bué on the WordPress theme for Webdesign Friday website.